you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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Being married someday is going to be so cool. like you get to come home to your best friend every single day and just do life together.
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This is the only drawing that I liked from the ones I did last night. The others were complete shit


This is the only drawing that I liked from the ones I did last night. The others were complete shit

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In the 1970’s, a mother strolling along the street walked into a hobby store, and purchased a large Raggedy-Anne doll as a present for her daughter’s birthday. Recently moved away to college, living away from home wasn’t easy and Donna loved the little doll. Every morning she placed AnnaBelle on her bed after making it. But Annabelle didn’t stay in bed for very long.

This incident is a terrifying case investigated by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1970’s. A priest had contacted Ed, and told him of two young nurses who were experiencing terrifying phenomenon in their home. Strange things were occurring to the point that they had contacted the church for help. The church referred the case to the Warrens, who immediately began investigating.

The disturbance began in the home when the girls discovered a piece of chocolate candy mysteriously left on the stereo in the living room. None of the tenants had bought chocolate, and they were perplexed as to how it had gotten there. Strange messages were found written in a child’s handwriting scrawled on paper. Objects were often moved about the home, never being found where they had originally been left. It seemed as if somebody… or something was sharing the house with the frightened tenants. After a month of unusual occurrences the girls decided that they needed help. They investigated the history of the property, and also contacted a local medium. They discovered that before the apartments had been built on the land, a young girl named ‘AnnaBelle’ had died on the property. AnnaBelle used to love playing in the field… they were happy times for her, and her spirit had never left. The medium explained that little AnnaBelle’s spirit was still there, and responsible for the occurrences in the Home. AnnaBelle asked if she could stay with them, by moving into the doll that Donna’s mom had bought for her birthday. Not knowing what else to do, the girls said yes, and eventually even renamed the doll AnnaBelle.

The girls came to think of Annabelle as a harmless mascot of sorts, and often left her on the bed in the mornings, or perched on the sofa in the living room. Returning home from work, it seemed to them as if the doll had repositioned itself from where it had been left earlier. At first, they noticed that the arms and legs of the doll were in a different position. In time… AnnaBelle was changing rooms all by herself. The girls would come home at night to find AnnaBelle sitting in a chair by the front door, or kneeling on the floor. Other times, they would find AnnaBelle sitting on the sofa, even though she was left in Donna’s room.

Things reached a fever pitch one night when loud noises were heard coming from the bedroom. Thinking someone may have broken in, they quietly tip-toed to the door. Entering the room, one of the tenants was physically attacked by an unseen entity and ran from the bedroom with slashes and cuts. Nothing out of the ordinary was found in the bedroom except for AnnaBelle… lying roughly tossed in one corner.

After hearing the girls incredible story, Ed and Lorraine Warren immediately contacted the church and invited a priest to come over for a blessing of the home. They realized that some sort of demonic energy was affecting the house, and particularly the doll itself. The blessing was performed and at Donna’s request, the doll was removed from the house by the Warren’s.

For the next three days, AnnaBelle sat in a small chair located by Ed Warren’s desk. While working, he would observe the doll moving on several occasions. When the Warren’s were away and had the doll locked up in an outer office building, they would often return home to find AnnaBelle sitting comfortably upstairs in Ed’s easy chair. AnnaBelle would occasionally emit horrific growls in response to visiting clergyman.